ParallelProof Helps OEMs Prevent & Manage Grey Market Exporting

Automotive manufacturers lose billions of dollars every year from vehicles being imported and sold into other regions by unauthorized third parties. ParallelProof helps OEMs and dealerships recover this revenue by preventing and managing grey market exporting!

Correcting The Global Automotive Sales Market

Vehicles are purchased in Canada, United States, Europe, Mexico, and the Middle East, and then imported into other regions for resale at unauthorized dealers. This practice is often referred to as grey market exporting or parallel importing. ParallelProof uses technology to manage and prevent vehicles from ever being sold to individuals that intend to export them – saving these OEMs billions of dollars in lost revenue.


Billion Dollars in Lost Revenue


Brands Affected


Vehicles Exported


Major Regions Vehicles Being Exported From

A Growing Problem

Due to inventory shortages and shifting economies, grey market exporting has increased substantially. Vehicles are now being grey market exported to more regions of the world than ever seen before!

Our Suite of Tools that Save OEMs Billions

  • Radar: Our proprietary software tracks all vehicles that leave Canada and go into any other region of the world. This provides OEMs a clear understanding of where their vehicles end up.
  • Market: Some makes and models sold in Canada are exported up to ~50%, which creates an inflated market share in the automotive market. We provide this data to OEMs, allowing them to analyze their true market share.
  • Pull I.D.: Pull I.D. is a dealer level tool created by our team to curb exporting at the source. We use I.D. tracking to notify the dealer if they are working with a known exporter, before the vehicle is sold and delivered into the wrong hands.
  • Pull Plus: Our most advanced prevention tool, uses our proprietary algorithm and analyzes the likelihood that a someone is purchasing a vehicle for export and notifies the dealership selling the vehicle of the risk associated.


Reduce Revenue Lost From Grey Market Exporting
Reduce Early Finance & Lease Buy-outs
Proof of Dealer Due Diligence
Protect Your Brand Reputation
Instant Dealer Auditing
Reduce Time Spent Screening Customers
Digitize & Expand Current Initiatives
Real-time Decision Making
Improve Customer Experience
Increase OEM & Dealer Revenue
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